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Hong Cheng is an excellent seafood supplier. It first opened its doors in December 2008 and is run and co-owned by Chiew Peng and Chiew Yong.


  In 2008, "Hong Cheng seafood supplies sdn. bhd" was officially founded in a fish village in Penang. We started with the operation space of not bigger than half a basketball court. However, we are determined to grow and become the best seafood supplier company, selling best quality seafood products.


  Before reaching to the consumer, our seafood has to go through stages of inspection to make sure it is of high quality and safe to consume. Our principle of emphasizing quality over quantity has brought our company tremendous growth over the years. With the trust our customers have given us, we strongly believe that serving them better with good seafood is the best repayment.



    We can from a small company gradually developed into a big company, depends not only on the firm. Thanks to our loyal customers. At present, the company has moved to the state of Perak, Malaysia, have a first-class refrigeration fresh-keeping technique with perfect transportation to ensure to give the fresh taste.

Khor Chiew Peng


   Khor Chiew Peng was born in a small fish village located in Penang. Since he was young, he was already very familiar very many types of seafood. With just tasting, he was able to differentiate the good and the bad, and different types of fishes. He generously wanted people to have a share of joy, so he made a promise to himself that he would establish the best seafood supply company in order to supply the best seafood in town.


  Until today, He has over 32 years of broad fishing experience, meanwhile, he has been fish farming for not less than 18 years as well. His company has grown from nothing to operating around 400 fish cages today, and involving in the international trade system by exporting mostly to China and our neighbor country, Singapore. Mr.Khor’s company has exported a variety species of seafood, including white shrimp, tiger prawn, Barramundi, Red Snapper, Red Fish, White Pomfret, Grouper and etc.


  Not forgetting to mention, he is also a member of Persatuan Penternak Akuakultur (PENKUA) in Penang.

Khor Chiew Yong


  A struggle type of young entrepreneurs growing up in a fishing village of environment, given the family background is engaged in marine sea & land farming and small trading business, thus he inherent the talent and the accumulated a wealth of experiences in both aquaculture and aquatic knowledge. From a  small company in fish village, he now manage the daily operations of a seafood factory plant, and at the same time he implements the domestic and international business marketing development to explore and expand his business to a higher level. For future plan, he holds the company's vision of produce better quality of sea foods ambitiously to lead the company into international seafood market.

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