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History of Hong Cheng Seafood Supplies

OUR ORIGIN Hong Cheng is an excellent seafood supplier. It first opened its doors in December 2008 and is run and co-owned by Chiew Peng and Chiew Yong. In 2008, "Hong Cheng seafood supplies sdn. bhd" was officially founded in a fish village in Penang. We started with the operation space of not bigger than half a basketball court. However, we are determined to grow and become the best seafood supplier company, selling best quality seafood products. Before reaching to the consumer, our seafood has to go through stages of inspection to make sure it is of high quality and safe to consume. Our principle of emphasizing quality over quantity has brought our company tremendous growth over the years. With the trust our customers have given us, we strongly believe that serving them better with good seafood is the best repayment. We can from a small company gradually developed into a big company, depends not only on the firm. Thanks to our loyal customers. At present, the company has moved to the state of Perak, Malaysia, have a first-class refrigeration fresh-keeping technique with perfect transportation to ensure to give the fresh taste.


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